Differences in Colonial Government

viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Colonists didnt had a constitution it was more of a collection of documents and it was handeled by the parliament.
The only two colonies that has royal charters were: Maryland and South Carolina.
One of the most important differences was between british goverment and colonial government was that two thirds (2/3) of men could vote in the colonies and in Britain only one fourth of men could vote (1/4).

But it wasnt the differences between both types of governments that cuased problems. The problem is that british parliament wanted to impose taxes on the british colonies and obviously the colonists. But since no colonist was a part of the british parliament colonist thought that there was no reason why tehy could impose taxes. See the problem wasnt that colonists didnt wanted to pay taxes, the problem was that it wasnt really fair for them and thats when "Taxation without representation" appears.


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