And the main dish of the night is : The Independence :D

martes, 1 de junio de 2010

In Spring of 1776 many of the Paines ideas built momentum and got stronger. On july the 2nd the congress voted that America was free from England and two days later they aproved the declaration in july the 4th. This was the most important day in the history of this beautiful country. The third president of the United States , Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. It consisted on rants that denounced all of the kings and parliament unfair decisions. It also stated that all men were born equal. This was quite a problem because many of the signers of the independence owed slaves but this issues were solved later on. Even though achieving the independence was hard it was like an inspiration for the colonies. This changed the history of England the U.S.A and the whole world forever. I can bet that this was a joyful dinner that the parliament and the king will remember for eternity and now days they are unable to digest it ;)You know what they say, bon appétit enjoy the main dish!


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