Radical: definitely not the favorite word of the king

martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Thomas Paine became famous not only because of the ideas and rants he wrote on the Common Sense but also for the proposals he wrote. At that time this proposals where considered as being radical and extremist but basically was the sugar in the cup of tea of the colonists. This proposals go as follows :
Independence from britain: This was the first step to build a powerful country.Many of the colonists liked the idea of loosing up from the chains of Britain , but also there was a group that didnt appreciate the idea of freedon. They were the loyalists.
Republican State of Government: This would allow them to vote for their new leaders to have an organized government and to avoid tyranny.
The Union of The new states: To join the colonies together as a new country. This served as the base for the name of the country. Oviously the United States of America
As you can see this proposals boosted their desire to gamble their lives for this cause.


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